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Yes everyone I am ok....

Hello all,

I know I rarely write in this thing, I have been mega busy lately on top of this Hurricane Wilma nonsense. She's gone and in her wake she's left downed trees and powerlines, and pretty mcuh all of Broward Co without electricity. I have no idea when it will be back on. I jsut wanted to send this out to anyone who reads my LJ to let you all know that I am ok, my car, and my gear are all ok too. Leave comments as you like, or if you want to try calling me you are more than welcome to although my phone can be strange and sometiems it works and other tiems it does not. I apologize for the inconcvience. But again I am prefectly fine, I'm just without any means to buy anything, make calls, or use the internet. I am running my Powerbook off a generator and I cannot keep it on too long. So I have to get going, but before I do here is my number for anyone who wants to call me: 954-369-6554. I would imagine that things should be back up and running in the next few days to a week. So yes Dani things are still on, I'll get ahold of you though if things change.
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