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Holy synth batman!

Well I thought I should give you all a quick update on stuff.. I have made some new studio additions, I have an M-Audio Ozonic watch the video BT is in it hehehe. Not only is thing a handy little midi controller with aftertouch but it's a 4 in 4 out firewire audio interface. The converters sound utterly amazing in this thing I cannot say enough great things about it. It's simple to use and it just works, best of all it sounds fantastic I love it! And next I got me a Roland JP-8080. Ever since I can remember I have had a JP-8000 around in whatever studio I had. The JP-8080 is the rack version of the JP-8000 with a few bonuses: a voice modulator (for vocoder type stuff), more polyphony, more effects, etc. And it stores sound banks on little Smart Media cards. Best of all though it has the Supersaw wavform (7 detuned saw waves on top of eachother) this waveform is perfect fot lush rich pads, basses, and leads. It sounds differnet than the new Virus Ti's hypersaw waveform (9 detuned saw wavesstacked on one another) but in a good way. I love the sound of these things and I look forward to recieving it. I got a sick price on that and the Ozonic. The other groovy part of the Ozonic is that it's way portable and bus powered so I don't even need a wallwart adapter I can just plug it into my desktop machine or my power book and I am good to go. And whats truely cool is now I can DJ with Abelton Live how I have always wanted to. There shouldbe more to report soon enough and I will do so as each thing happens. Tonight should be fun it's Amy's B-day and vamp. Heeee birthday spankings all around :)
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