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Ok now THIS is some hawt drool worthy shit right here son

I am so glad I pre-ordered mine@ Nova Musik I will however be keeping my Virus KC. These things are amazing... I am at a loss for words I cannot wait to get this thing. I am planning on a bit of an upgrade studio wise in the coming months. It will speed up production ten fold and make my music making life sooo much easier. An update briefly... There are two remixes to be done for the Azoic but first I need to finish the long awaited remix of English Liscence by the Gothsicles, after the remixes for the Azoic there shoudl be one to do of the Miami act Formula Redux, then another one for Wideband Network for thier summer single Grounded. Speaking of Wideband Network the single for Showmelove gets released next month or for more info. In other news I have one day job but it's not enough I need another becuase one part tiem job is not enough to support me. It has definetly been tough... And finally the litigation conerning Julys accident is over and things should be back to normal on that front by March. More to come as it happens...
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