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The Pet Shop Boys

The Pet Shop Boys
Ok the last 5 days have been pretty crazy and fun the Orlando trip will be another entry. this one is dedicated tot eh Pet Shop Boys show I went to last night up the street. It will feature a broad overall review then a detailed one in a cut. So here it goes....

The show was well put together and not too loud about just right, Neil sounded good hardly ever going flat or sharp , Chris was doing his usual standing behind the keyboard like a statue with sunglasses on. No overwieght trio of black gay house wailing diva back-up singers this time either. A few dancers, some costume changes, great light show and some stage props and visuals. Now for the full version:

The show was at the Jackie Gleason Theater which is located 2 blocks up from my apartment whcih was nice abcuase I could walk up there. However I did not know the acoustics were shitty in this venue (more on that a bit later). Upon arriving I ran into a couple I knew we talked for a while then went inside. They had a little bar set up with small sandwhiches, sushi, and of course beer, liquor ,and wine. I got myself a drink (paid entirely too much for it but I only had one so it wasn't too bad), I then headed over to the merch tableto see whats goodies they had there. They had a small assortment of Pet Shop Boys t-shirts (all $35), a bright flouroescent green hooded sweatshirt like Chris wore onstage ($75) a tour program ($25), hats with the phrases "Pet Shop Boy or Pet Shop Girl" stitched on them ($35). I chose a Pet Shop Boy hat becuase it was the most functional and I needed a new cool hat as my other one is kinda ehhhh... I made my purchase and walked in to find my seat, an usher helped me and after going through the asile I found my seat. One thing I took note of RIGHT away upon arriving was the fact that I was one of about less than 5% there who was straight. No biggie I knew that would be the case as they really cater to the gay community :) The couple I sat next to was VERY catty and whiney. The entire time before the show started al lthey did was whine about how badly they are oppressed becuase they are gay. Boo fucking hoo guys, cry me a river... I'm not at all agisint gays in any way shape or form. But what I am against is people who whine and think they are entitled to something becuase a large group disagrees with their lifestyle/sexual preference. These guys were queens... Not very nice ones either they gave me a very mean glare when I said "Hey guys, whats up?". Get over it guys! Anyhow the show started with a cool intro and stage hands in white body suits startted moving around this cool screen they projected images onto. They turned it around completely and it had cut-out silhoette's of Christ and Neil all of a sudden what we were to think was Chris and Neil were actually the male back up singers dressed EXACTLY like them, a second pair came out dressed identically again it was the dancers and not Chris and Neil. Finally Chris and Neil made thier way through the silhoette's the place erupted and the show offically started. The started out with 3 new sogns adn they sounded spot on great. They did bring out a female back up singer (co-incidently the woman who did alot of the diva wails in several of thier tunes, GREAT voice on the woman), the shwo ahd several costume changes and soem theatrics. The costumes and the dancing was a bit on the gay side but that once again is to be expected as it IS a Pet Shop Boys show. What bothered me was the old songs... As I said earlier the acoustics in this place were HORRIBLE and the sound of the tunes suffered greatly. Now I don't know if it was the bad acoustics or what but the older songs sounded completely re-done with cheap dry sounding General Midi style sounds (the tech-heads will under stand what that is). I heard some inkling of the elements fro mthe old songs but for example "Always on my mind" sounded COMPLETELY re-programmed and kinda cheap. I think Chris was using a either a Motif or a Triton and thats it (although I did not see the offstage rig) But the sounds just did not have the oomph to them I expected, so that is my only real complaint is the way the older songs sounded. They had a 20 min intermission and came out for a 2nd set. Neil was not much of a talker but hen he did enteract with the crowd it was fun and Chris stood as still as a statue pretty much the whole time looking bored like he usually does in the videos hehe The show ended but they came out and did 2 encores and the show ended for real getting out at about 10:30. I had fun though regardless of the older tunes sounding the way they did. The new ones sounded excellent and I had lots of fun I am glad I went I will go again if they tour in the US another time. And that concludes my Pet Shop Boys show review...
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