Cyberflotsam (synthscribbles) wrote,

My work, Ibiza, and Pacha over the weekend....

For those who don't know I have been doing production work for a small fledgling house label her ein Miami. The site should be up soon as we are gearing up to start releasing things here shortly. The guy that runs it wanted to have a few tracks done before launching the label offically, that makes sense. Anyway.... The lable boss (as I like to call him) does DJ dates all over the place, he's got a gig in La i na week, after that South America, then after that Moskow. This last weekend he was in Ibiza and did a set in a HUGE club there called Pacha. Pacha holds about 10,000 people and has a retractable roof, pretty nice huh?? There were about 6000 people there this weekend and he played to them, he took 3 tracks I have done with him to play. All of them did well infact so well the place went nuts when he dropped each of them. I got a frantic voicemail from him he was calling from Pacha from the booth I could barely make out what he was saying but he held up the phone and all i could hear was music and crowd screams then he said soemthing then hung up. I heard fromn him yesterday he had jsut gotten back. Apparently when he played the tracks (he played them back to back) people went crazy and other DJ's in attendance to play inquired about where they could pick up the tracks. I wish I could have been there :( But it sure makes me feel good, now the bad news is due to a leaky cieling my audio interface is FUCKED so I need to buy a new one :( But my computer and my synths are ok which is good. I need to start going with this guy when he plays out hahaha
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