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Up coming trip and other things...

This is very odd and I never thought I'd hear myself say this but... I am actually really stoked to come back to Wisconsin hahaha... I think it's primarily becuase I need a vacation and I am looking forward to seeing some good friends I miss. Also attending Reverence will kick ass too, I gots mah tix in da mail today hehhee. And for all you Madison folk attending the 24th is my birthday :D I got some good news about my liscence today too. I am reinstated and good to go now I need a car, at the same token though I found out my parents home was broken into this morning and my moms new laptop was stolen (it's a Dell huuuuurf). That sucks... Also we found out my grandmother who is well into her 90's has cancer of the mouth, also sucky. And two days ago I was nearly run over by a road raged entangled ghetto black woman driving an SUV... SHe blew a stop sign and forced me into a busy intersection and still would not stop. I nfinally hit her hood with my fists. She stopped and got out, she first threw her cell phone at me then her shoes then she took off. Only to come back and try to beat me with a club (one of the things you use to lock your sterring wheel in place) she was about to hit me when an off duty police officer hopped out of her and identified herself. Then this off duty cop proceeded to yell at me.. Hey lady Im the victim here... I have lodged a complaint about her to her dept she was trying to help but she actully made the situation worse and her conduct and language was pretty unbecoming of an officer on or off duty. Plus where does a young cop get the $$ for a BMW? She was driving a brand new one... Anyhow the on duty cops showed and the woman was arrested for rfeckless endangerment and attmepted assult with a deadly weapon plus whatever they give for blowing a stop sign... While she was chasing me around with her club I got stuck on a bush and in freeing myself I messed up my neck worse than it already was from Saturdays shoot. Now I can barely move and that sucks... The good new is though I have Sonik Synth 2 and Melodyne coming to me soon :) So there is another update... more to come :) Oh PS anyone want my cell #??
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