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This is just sad

You know I'll tell you all something... When I was growing up i was teased beyond the normal level, all through out grade school, middle school, and high school I was either made fun of, put down, ignored, stepped on, disregarded, laughed at, you name it... The thoughts I harboured towards these people were and are unmentionable. And I might add I did not wear all black nor did I look "goth" or even a bit outlandish, no I looked very similar to what I do today. Then you see more headlines like this

When are kids, parents, teachers, grandparents, uncles and aunts, school administrators, govt officials, and the general public going to learn that if you push and poke at someone hard enough. That they will eventually crack like this kid did, this could have and should have been prevented. Not to sound uncompassionate but it's the sick sad truth when I say that in situations like this ine the people bring it on themselves to a degree.. I am not saying this kids actiosn were right and or justified becuase they were anything but. However again if kids, teachers, relatives, etc had maybe beena bit more accepting of his differences then people would still be alive today. I blame the school system, parenting, and the rediculous high school hierarchies that exsist. I do not blame videogames, movies, TV, or silly german bands with names like Rammstien. And of course anyone wearing black is gonna be twice as persecuted again.. This is truely sad
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