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First in series of....

Ok it's been an eternity with this. I have had tons to say but I just have not been able to take the time to say it. But rather than bombard all your friends pages with a HUUUGE massiv update on everything I will address things one thing at a time in seperate entries till things are cuaght up.

Some of you know and others of you don't but I no longer live in Appleton, Wi I now reside in Coral Springs, Florida which is about 30 or so mins from Miami Beach (South Beach etc). How did I get here? And why so sudden and why did I leave? I'll cover those in this one.

I was slowly more and more getting tired of things in Appleton, I did not really hangout with anyone on a regular basis minus a tiny few. And many people I dealt with did not seem to take me at all seriously about much of anything. Especially music and such, that all got to me more and more as time went on. Also it was next to impossible for me to DJ much of anywhere and that was getting to me. And finally I could not find anyone to help out on some muscial projects which is what I really would have liked to do. Sometimes it helps to have another head there to toss around ideas with. I asked many people who DJed and some who did not but no one seemed too terribly interested or ale to make the time. Also many of my good friends lived either out of state or in Madison and Milwuakee and with my current transportation issue seeing them was always a problem. And I was sick of winter as I am sure many of you up there right now are already hehehe. There is a group of people I do miss greatly in Wisconsin I would love to have them all visit me here I knwo that all of them would love it here too. I also miss my home and my family greatly as I am close to my parents. But I felt it was time for a change in my life...

This oppertunity came about to move down here early in Jan as I had wanted to do for so long and I took it. I came down in July to look aruond and scope things out down here and to sample some of the night life here as it had been a while. I met some new people and thigns went reasonably well minus a flat tire on 95 South while enroute to Hollywood. Anyways I slowly prepared for the impending move and got things together and packed up. Not a fun or easy task I assure you but it was done. Then I had to get my wisdom teeth removed this was done within 2 days of my leaving. The meds given to me made me sick and made my final packing next to impossible but I worked it out with a little help from Maggie. things were packed and mcuh of my belongings were packed away as I was not able to bring them with me. The morning of Dec 5th I boarded a flight at Outagamie regional airport and I flew to Milwuakee then onto Cleveland then to Ft Lauderdale. It was a hard and long trip due to the discomfort I was in but I got here in one piece. My mom and dad were nice enough to take time out of thier schedules and pack my things in a van and drive them down here. They spent a few days here helping me get settled then left back to Wisconsin. So here I am, I share an aprtment with Blake and Natalie and thier cat Wilson. I go out in Hollywood and Miami Beach and Ft Luaderdale. I am still job seaching but there are many places within walking distaince. My transportation issue should be resolved in about 2 months or so as well, and once that happpens then I can go pretty much whereever I need to. I also am planning to take a trip or two back to Wisconsin in a few months perhaps in April and in summer or fall sometime. I am pretty much settled besides not having work yet but that should change soon many places are not set to hire on full time until after the first of the new year which makes sense. Well that should about do it for this update more info in the next one :)
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