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Just a reminder...

For those of you on here in the state of Wi.. I am DJing at Ravens here in Appleton tommrow night. It will be an interesting set. A hybrid set consisting of my Powerbook running Abelton's Live software, CD decks, and turntables. This is the first time I have done this so it should be very interesting... If you live in the state and or around the area I really encourage you to come as it will be my last time doing this in the state for a VERY long time as I am moving soon. I'd really appreciate people coming, I know I have talked to a few of you about it but no one but a few have said they will be there for sure. There is no cover charge and I will be playing for about 2 hours straight starting around 10 pm and Paul Determan of Marscruiser is finishing out the night. He plays proggy stuff and nu skool breaky stuff.. Where as I kinda jump around and tomrrow night will be NO exception to this so if you wanan hear something differnet and fun and dance all at the same time then please come out you won't be let down... More at some point soon... Hope to see you all there :D
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