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11th November 2006

5:44am: Morons....

I am not gonna spoil the movie but I will say this much.. These frat idiots got intoxicated while thier scen was shot and therefore did what they did under the influence of alcohol they willingly drank. Only America allows idiots like this to get away with something like that.. I hope they lose they are just pissed becuase now there is no possibility of them ever getting laid ANYTIME :)

18th October 2006

12:33pm: The Pet Shop Boys
The Pet Shop Boys
Ok the last 5 days have been pretty crazy and fun the Orlando trip will be another entry. this one is dedicated tot eh Pet Shop Boys show I went to last night up the street. It will feature a broad overall review then a detailed one in a cut. So here it goes....

The show was well put together and not too loud about just right, Neil sounded good hardly ever going flat or sharp , Chris was doing his usual standing behind the keyboard like a statue with sunglasses on. No overwieght trio of black gay house wailing diva back-up singers this time either. A few dancers, some costume changes, great light show and some stage props and visuals. Now for the full version:

I'm with StupidCollapse )
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21st September 2006

4:10pm: My work, Ibiza, and Pacha over the weekend....
For those who don't know I have been doing production work for a small fledgling house label her ein Miami. The site should be up soon as we are gearing up to start releasing things here shortly. The guy that runs it wanted to have a few tracks done before launching the label offically, that makes sense. Anyway.... The lable boss (as I like to call him) does DJ dates all over the place, he's got a gig in La i na week, after that South America, then after that Moskow. This last weekend he was in Ibiza and did a set in a HUGE club there called Pacha. Pacha holds about 10,000 people and has a retractable roof, pretty nice huh?? There were about 6000 people there this weekend and he played to them, he took 3 tracks I have done with him to play. All of them did well infact so well the place went nuts when he dropped each of them. I got a frantic voicemail from him he was calling from Pacha from the booth I could barely make out what he was saying but he held up the phone and all i could hear was music and crowd screams then he said soemthing then hung up. I heard fromn him yesterday he had jsut gotten back. Apparently when he played the tracks (he played them back to back) people went crazy and other DJ's in attendance to play inquired about where they could pick up the tracks. I wish I could have been there :( But it sure makes me feel good, now the bad news is due to a leaky cieling my audio interface is FUCKED so I need to buy a new one :( But my computer and my synths are ok which is good. I need to start going with this guy when he plays out hahaha

20th September 2006

5:54pm: Ok M-Audio wins the award for absolute WORST tech support ever.... They don't even answer thier damned phones. Way to go guys!!

29th July 2006

7:47pm: All I gotta say is..... Swoooooooooooorrrrdssssssssssssssssss!!! Also headphones!!

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15th July 2006

6:59pm: Right now I am really disliking Cubase SX3........

20th December 2005

10:49am: Just a little note for you guys
I am about to leave for Appleton in a few mins... Anyone interested in hanging out can call me 954-369-6554 I will not really have much internet access while i'm there so this number or the house is the best to reach me at 920-734-3333. Talk to you guys later


25th October 2005

8:40pm: Yes everyone I am ok....
Hello all,

I know I rarely write in this thing, I have been mega busy lately on top of this Hurricane Wilma nonsense. She's gone and in her wake she's left downed trees and powerlines, and pretty mcuh all of Broward Co without electricity. I have no idea when it will be back on. I jsut wanted to send this out to anyone who reads my LJ to let you all know that I am ok, my car, and my gear are all ok too. Leave comments as you like, or if you want to try calling me you are more than welcome to although my phone can be strange and sometiems it works and other tiems it does not. I apologize for the inconcvience. But again I am prefectly fine, I'm just without any means to buy anything, make calls, or use the internet. I am running my Powerbook off a generator and I cannot keep it on too long. So I have to get going, but before I do here is my number for anyone who wants to call me: 954-369-6554. I would imagine that things should be back up and running in the next few days to a week. So yes Dani things are still on, I'll get ahold of you though if things change.
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19th August 2005

2:00pm: I don't even know what to say when I read this I was and still am in shock... http://trance.nu/v3/news_show.php?id=3172

Talk about a bummer :(
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5th July 2005

2:15pm: I am too....
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24th June 2005

10:53am: A few things
Well today I am off to Milwaukee for the day then Madison for the first night of Reverence... Then Milwuakee again then Madison for the 2nd night with Combichrist playing... It's also my birthday today coincidently I'm 27. I should finish gathering up stuff. I'll see everyone in Madison :)
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8th June 2005

10:55pm: Up coming trip and other things...
This is very odd and I never thought I'd hear myself say this but... I am actually really stoked to come back to Wisconsin hahaha... I think it's primarily becuase I need a vacation and I am looking forward to seeing some good friends I miss. Also attending Reverence will kick ass too, I gots mah tix in da mail today hehhee. And for all you Madison folk attending the 24th is my birthday :D I got some good news about my liscence today too. I am reinstated and good to go now I need a car, at the same token though I found out my parents home was broken into this morning and my moms new laptop was stolen (it's a Dell huuuuurf). That sucks... Also we found out my grandmother who is well into her 90's has cancer of the mouth, also sucky. And two days ago I was nearly run over by a road raged entangled ghetto black woman driving an SUV... SHe blew a stop sign and forced me into a busy intersection and still would not stop. I nfinally hit her hood with my fists. She stopped and got out, she first threw her cell phone at me then her shoes then she took off. Only to come back and try to beat me with a club (one of the things you use to lock your sterring wheel in place) she was about to hit me when an off duty police officer hopped out of her and identified herself. Then this off duty cop proceeded to yell at me.. Hey lady Im the victim here... I have lodged a complaint about her to her dept she was trying to help but she actully made the situation worse and her conduct and language was pretty unbecoming of an officer on or off duty. Plus where does a young cop get the $$ for a BMW? She was driving a brand new one... Anyhow the on duty cops showed and the woman was arrested for rfeckless endangerment and attmepted assult with a deadly weapon plus whatever they give for blowing a stop sign... While she was chasing me around with her club I got stuck on a bush and in freeing myself I messed up my neck worse than it already was from Saturdays shoot. Now I can barely move and that sucks... The good new is though I have Sonik Synth 2 and Melodyne coming to me soon :) So there is another update... more to come :) Oh PS anyone want my cell #??
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2nd May 2005

1:11pm: It's been a while but heres a small update and a shameless plug
I have been beyond busy lately, I juggle two jobs in optics now and DJ gigs each weekend so basically i guess I work 3 jobs. I have alot to cover but that will have to wait for another entry and for when i have more time. I DJ at two nights down here and sometimes a monthly fetish event. They are all thrown by Abusement park Ent and things are going well at the events attendance is great and the nights are fun. And now comes time forthe shameless plug hehehe I have posted this in most fo the communities I am in but I thoguht I'd post it here too. By the way for those who don't know the name I DJ under here is Retroaktiv.




SERIOUS 80'S Ladies Night!!!!
2006 Hollywood blvd
info:954 822 6350


Guys 12$buckets of BUD!!




2006 Hollywood blvd Hollywood fl.
10-4am info:954 822 6350

special SURPRISE guest dj T.B.A. :-)


Saturday May 7


@ the Music Factory
2674 E. Oakland park blvd. Ft Laud. FL


info: 954 822 6350
_ v v _

-Saturday MAY 7
DV8 321 w. sunrise blvd ft laud. fl
doors open @3am
byob late nite Saturday and go till Sunday aftenoon!
info:954 822 6350




@I/O Lounge
30 NE 14st Miami

10-5am info:954 822 6350

guest DJ CHRIS HALO(backdoor bamby)


DJs:tommy gunn,essential 6,MR. Mendez,guest


Love and Respect,

Joseph, Lisa and the AbusementPark Family!

So if you live down here get your ass on out :D

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22nd March 2005

12:29pm: This is just sad
You know I'll tell you all something... When I was growing up i was teased beyond the normal level, all through out grade school, middle school, and high school I was either made fun of, put down, ignored, stepped on, disregarded, laughed at, you name it... The thoughts I harboured towards these people were and are unmentionable. And I might add I did not wear all black nor did I look "goth" or even a bit outlandish, no I looked very similar to what I do today. Then you see more headlines like this http://aolsvc.news.aol.com/news/article.adp?id=20050321185409990006&ncid=NWS00010000000001

When are kids, parents, teachers, grandparents, uncles and aunts, school administrators, govt officials, and the general public going to learn that if you push and poke at someone hard enough. That they will eventually crack like this kid did, this could have and should have been prevented. Not to sound uncompassionate but it's the sick sad truth when I say that in situations like this ine the people bring it on themselves to a degree.. I am not saying this kids actiosn were right and or justified becuase they were anything but. However again if kids, teachers, relatives, etc had maybe beena bit more accepting of his differences then people would still be alive today. I blame the school system, parenting, and the rediculous high school hierarchies that exsist. I do not blame videogames, movies, TV, or silly german bands with names like Rammstien. And of course anyone wearing black is gonna be twice as persecuted again.. This is truely sad
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11th March 2005

3:20pm: Holy synth batman!
Well I thought I should give you all a quick update on stuff.. I have made some new studio additions, I have an M-Audio Ozonic http://www.m-audio.com/products/en_us/Ozonic-main-1.html watch the video BT is in it hehehe. Not only is thing a handy little midi controller with aftertouch but it's a 4 in 4 out firewire audio interface. The converters sound utterly amazing in this thing I cannot say enough great things about it. It's simple to use and it just works, best of all it sounds fantastic I love it! And next I got me a Roland JP-8080. Ever since I can remember I have had a JP-8000 around in whatever studio I had. The JP-8080 is the rack version of the JP-8000 with a few bonuses: a voice modulator (for vocoder type stuff), more polyphony, more effects, etc. And it stores sound banks on little Smart Media cards. Best of all though it has the Supersaw wavform (7 detuned saw waves on top of eachother) this waveform is perfect fot lush rich pads, basses, and leads. It sounds differnet than the new Virus Ti's hypersaw waveform (9 detuned saw wavesstacked on one another) but in a good way. I love the sound of these things and I look forward to recieving it. I got a sick price on that and the Ozonic. The other groovy part of the Ozonic is that it's way portable and bus powered so I don't even need a wallwart adapter I can just plug it into my desktop machine or my power book and I am good to go. And whats truely cool is now I can DJ with Abelton Live how I have always wanted to. There shouldbe more to report soon enough and I will do so as each thing happens. Tonight should be fun it's Amy's B-day and vamp. Heeee birthday spankings all around :)
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2nd March 2005

9:59pm: Yes I am still alive
Ok folks,

I know I haven't been good with this thing like I used to be. Bare with me though I plan to give regular updates (Ok Nate?!?!) I am working on something kinda big but I don't wanna jinx it be prematurely revealing it to the world. SO much much more to come :)
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26th January 2005

1:05am: Ok now THIS is some hawt drool worthy shit right here son

I am so glad I pre-ordered mine@ Nova Musik www.novamusik.com I will however be keeping my Virus KC. These things are amazing... I am at a loss for words I cannot wait to get this thing. I am planning on a bit of an upgrade studio wise in the coming months. It will speed up production ten fold and make my music making life sooo much easier. An update briefly... There are two remixes to be done for the Azoic http://www.nilaihah.com/theazoic.htm but first I need to finish the long awaited remix of English Liscence by the Gothsicles, after the remixes for the Azoic there shoudl be one to do of the Miami act Formula Redux, then another one for Wideband Network for thier summer single Grounded. Speaking of Wideband Network the single for Showmelove gets released next month www.adifferentdrum.com or www.thewideband.net for more info. In other news I have one day job but it's not enough I need another becuase one part tiem job is not enough to support me. It has definetly been tough... And finally the litigation conerning Julys accident is over and things should be back to normal on that front by March. More to come as it happens...
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28th December 2004

1:58pm: First in series of....
Ok it's been an eternity with this. I have had tons to say but I just have not been able to take the time to say it. But rather than bombard all your friends pages with a HUUUGE massiv update on everything I will address things one thing at a time in seperate entries till things are cuaght up.

Some of you know and others of you don't but I no longer live in Appleton, Wi I now reside in Coral Springs, Florida which is about 30 or so mins from Miami Beach (South Beach etc). How did I get here? And why so sudden and why did I leave? I'll cover those in this one.

I was slowly more and more getting tired of things in Appleton, I did not really hangout with anyone on a regular basis minus a tiny few. And many people I dealt with did not seem to take me at all seriously about much of anything. Especially music and such, that all got to me more and more as time went on. Also it was next to impossible for me to DJ much of anywhere and that was getting to me. And finally I could not find anyone to help out on some muscial projects which is what I really would have liked to do. Sometimes it helps to have another head there to toss around ideas with. I asked many people who DJed and some who did not but no one seemed too terribly interested or ale to make the time. Also many of my good friends lived either out of state or in Madison and Milwuakee and with my current transportation issue seeing them was always a problem. And I was sick of winter as I am sure many of you up there right now are already hehehe. There is a group of people I do miss greatly in Wisconsin I would love to have them all visit me here I knwo that all of them would love it here too. I also miss my home and my family greatly as I am close to my parents. But I felt it was time for a change in my life...

This oppertunity came about to move down here early in Jan as I had wanted to do for so long and I took it. I came down in July to look aruond and scope things out down here and to sample some of the night life here as it had been a while. I met some new people and thigns went reasonably well minus a flat tire on 95 South while enroute to Hollywood. Anyways I slowly prepared for the impending move and got things together and packed up. Not a fun or easy task I assure you but it was done. Then I had to get my wisdom teeth removed this was done within 2 days of my leaving. The meds given to me made me sick and made my final packing next to impossible but I worked it out with a little help from Maggie. things were packed and mcuh of my belongings were packed away as I was not able to bring them with me. The morning of Dec 5th I boarded a flight at Outagamie regional airport and I flew to Milwuakee then onto Cleveland then to Ft Lauderdale. It was a hard and long trip due to the discomfort I was in but I got here in one piece. My mom and dad were nice enough to take time out of thier schedules and pack my things in a van and drive them down here. They spent a few days here helping me get settled then left back to Wisconsin. So here I am, I share an aprtment with Blake and Natalie and thier cat Wilson. I go out in Hollywood and Miami Beach and Ft Luaderdale. I am still job seaching but there are many places within walking distaince. My transportation issue should be resolved in about 2 months or so as well, and once that happpens then I can go pretty much whereever I need to. I also am planning to take a trip or two back to Wisconsin in a few months perhaps in April and in summer or fall sometime. I am pretty much settled besides not having work yet but that should change soon many places are not set to hire on full time until after the first of the new year which makes sense. Well that should about do it for this update more info in the next one :)
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1st December 2004

10:20am: I had my wisdom teeth pulled just now... nite for a few hours....
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29th November 2004

4:23pm: For those coming tonight..
Meet at Katsu-Ya on College Ave downtown Appleton at 7 pm. See ya there
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3rd November 2004

2:21am: Am I the only one sick of this election and all that is coming with it? Back to writing....
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22nd October 2004

5:04am: "You know.. you were pretty mean in the past, but if it weren't for me, that 60 year old jewish man who doesn't know dance, would have never known who you were, and you never would have gotten your song released. I hope you realize that, he stole our project from us, you're benefiting from it, and we didn't even get a thank you. Hope you're doing ok, with your royalties and all.. Alicia"

Alicia Locke your scam having designer imposter sunglasses wearing lying self can kiss my fucking ass and here is why:

Well.. He obviously realized something wasn't stirring the matzah balls. and by your lack of communication and effort your agreement with him was null and void. Thanks for the hook up (there is your fucking thank you). But don't include me in your future "projects" if it's you doing it they never pan out cause you make promises you cannot keep.

I wish this bitch would keel over and die. She's a scam artist and I want the whole world to know... I hope she sees this too.

FYI folks Allterrainminds Ent or whatever she is calling it now is a lying cheating scamming fake company do NOT do business with them. If watching my own ass in a sitation where contracts are being signed is mean then yup I am guilty. Someone please kill her :)

And yes Alicia I am very happy with my royalties :D Not that it's any of her business... Lets she if she replies like she did the last time hehe
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18th October 2004

2:20pm: Blauer Montag......
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14th October 2004

5:50pm: Just a reminder...
For those of you on here in the state of Wi.. I am DJing at Ravens here in Appleton tommrow night. It will be an interesting set. A hybrid set consisting of my Powerbook running Abelton's Live software, CD decks, and turntables. This is the first time I have done this so it should be very interesting... If you live in the state and or around the area I really encourage you to come as it will be my last time doing this in the state for a VERY long time as I am moving soon. I'd really appreciate people coming, I know I have talked to a few of you about it but no one but a few have said they will be there for sure. There is no cover charge and I will be playing for about 2 hours straight starting around 10 pm and Paul Determan of Marscruiser http://www.marscruiser.com is finishing out the night. He plays proggy stuff and nu skool breaky stuff.. Where as I kinda jump around and tomrrow night will be NO exception to this so if you wanan hear something differnet and fun and dance all at the same time then please come out you won't be let down... More at some point soon... Hope to see you all there :D
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